About Hunting And Life

Hi there, my name is Andrew Kashkevich, I am a founder of Hunting And Life.Com.
I hunt. I cook. I raise plants, collect medicinal herbs, and try to live in sync with our nature. I like meat and am crazy about cooking meat, I like good bourbon, honey beer and home-brew, journeys on my motorcycle. Every person has their own interests, but not everyone is ready to tell about them. And, by the way, there are a lot of people who want to know about such interests more. Maybe, they have the same, or are afraid to come out that would like to have the same ones. 

I’ll try to tell you everything I know about hunting and cooking all over the world on the pages of one of the best hunting websites.

Hunting and cooking today

Hunting, fishing and home-cooking  look like hobbies more than the way of getting food with the passing of the years. Today we see domination of supermarkets, ubiquitous food chains, junk food. The effect of these is very sad - growth of obesity, heart diseases, cancer and other health and mental problems. Of course, I don't push for changing your lifestyle, but try to focus on this question. 

Every national cuisine has hundreds and thousands healthy recipes from simple meat, vegetables, fruits with unreal dressings and drinks. It is a pity that we forget about them. Hope, that my experience will be helpful for all who like tasty and natural food. 

Who am I

I am an SEO specialist with more than 13 years of experience. I had 2 hobbies in my childhood - shooting and cooking. Unfortunately, I didn’t become a cook after school and got a classical education at one of the universities in our country. After graduation I turned to website construction, e-commerce and internet marketing. It brought me a lot of useful experience - I worked with small companies and international corporations from different countries, but the idea to connect my hobbies and business followed me. 

Once I asked myself: “If I have so much experience in website promotion in Google, Bingo, Yahoo and like to hunt and cook why wiould not to combine all my skills? Every one of us has only one life and it should be fulfilled with pleasure!” It became a starting place for this website.

Hope, that it will be useful for all hunters and cooking lovers!

I’ll be ready to answer all your questions INFO at  huntingandlife DOT com.